My Credit

Your Credit Score is the most important thing when looking to finance a vehicle! We have an experienced team of Credit Specialists to answer all of your questions, help you build your credit and get your dream vehicle!

If you are unsure about your credit we urge you to apply with Four Directions Finance. Good Credit, Challenged Credit or No Credit, we have the solution!

Yes, you can get a vehicle loan even if you have no credit at all! Having no credit means that you have a clean slate, with a qualified co-signer you can get approved for an auto loan.  This way you get your vehicle right away and your new auto loan will help you build your credit!

Don't want a co-signer? Ask us about our credit building program. Four Directions Finance have successfully helped clients build their credit and get the vehicles they want!

Yes, all loans provided by Four Directions Finance are with credible bank lenders!

The new auto loan will report to your credit bureau and help you continue to build your credit!

This is a question that we cannot answer for you until you have applied with us!
Our team is a diverse group of experts in finance, credit and vehicle purchasing.

We cannot guarantee that everyone will get approved but we can guarantee that we will do everything we can to help you get there!

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